The Team



Tre Justice: Founder | Partner

The captain of the ship! Tre has been the vision and main drive behind the company, tracing back to its' origin in 2014. When he is not overseeing the logistics and brainstorming processes, Tre is in the studio producing everything bass music, assisting with various labels, and pursuing every opportunity that benefits the scene we all love.



Matthew Rocholl: Partner | Marketing Director | Talent Buyer

The behind the scenes paperwork that makes things happen. Matt is responsible for planning and executing all marketing campaigns for the company as well as managing day to day company activity. He also keeps tabs on all third party promotional contracts and plays a large part in the booking process. When not in the office, Matt helps manage releases for Dream Vault, operates as Tre Justice's manager, and spins under the moniker of Ruckle.



Alex Ferraro - Head Graphic Designer

Alex has been around from the beginning and found his passion for graphics early on. Being that he is completely self-taught, it is amazing to see how fast he has risen in the community.


Mike Ferraro - Retail Team Lead

Joining us just this past year, Mike has already been crushing the merchandizing side of things for us. Make sure to stop by the booth at the next show and he will make sure to find something perfect for you.